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Good morning, Vienna!

Vienna - one of the most exciting cities on this planet with a serious classical background. And what’s better than Sachertorte for breakfast? :) A sweets fan like me would love to never go back again. The shopping is fantastic, too by the way. ;) Here’s a little greeting from the epic Hotel Sacher:

The Day I Met Roger Federer…

Well, sometimes you unexpectedly get involoved in one of those events that will go down in history and today was definitely one of those days. Being asked to help out at Credit Suisse with the Roger Federer Foundation, I bumped into the man himself and got the chance to snap a piccie. What an experience - at the end of the day, he’s a true Swiss legend. And frankly, I was amazed by his patience giving autographs, listening to hundreds of people asking him questions, always with a smile. That’s something we all could learn from the man… But enough of my chit-chat, here’s some more pictures of this exciting experience:

Salon du Chocolat Zurich - The Sweetest Day

Well what can I say - I just had to go. Salond du Chocolat is sweetening the city this weekend and I had no choice but to go and try more types of chocolate than ever. It was rather a small exhibition but absolutely worth the little trip.

Funkiest part? Chocolate fashion. Two of my hobbies united in one. And be honest, who would not want to wear those edible costumes? Here’s more:

A Trip to the Circus…

Wella invited me to the Circus - literally. A coiffeur salon called Circus on Forchstrasse 70 in Zurich opened the doors for a few chosen bloggers and let us in on their beautiful little secrets, including an American Blow Dry experience!

Seriously, I’ve never seen a salon quite like this one. They work with the mixture of designs and styles, turning your haircut into a real experience. I got to get a - and I quote - Vegas blow out. Nicely blow-dried hair filled with mega-volume and some Vegas chique. :) I gotta admit, I’m loving it, even tough I do look a little too much like a barbie doll… :P Here’s some more (move through the albums by clicking the arrows on the left and right side of the pictures):

Happy Spring!

Happy sunny day! Fashion and Music is still on master thesis break but a quick summer-hello from my side - here’s ‘my latest favorite snack! ;)